Theatre, Television and Performance

Our Theatre, Television and Performance degree equips you with core skills for a life in performance – be it on stage, in applied theatre, working within the community, television and radio, choreography and dance, facilitation and drama teaching or other areas of theatre and communication.

It will open up career options much further beyond as well. You’ll develop public speaking skills and have the managerial and organisational skills to make a difference. A mix of practical and theory, this degree will develop your skills in reading for the stage, text in performance, directing and advanced performance process.

The aim of the BA (Hons) Theatre, Television and Performance programme is to nurture the creative aspirations of our students and help them realise their potential as employable practitioners in the Creative Industries. This is reflected in the degree as it offers the opportunity for students to acquire a wide range of skills which they are able to feel confident will equip them both practically and academically within the Creative Industries. The programme currently holds a 100% graduate employment rate, which is a reflection of the realistically based work ethic promoted by the degree. The course tutors are practitioners within their field, and feed this experience directly into the classroom. The module content across all levels of study will also provide graduates with an up to date CV with references, contacts within the industry, an action plan for their own career path, and material for a show reel and voice reel.

Students will gain a working understanding of academic and practical approaches to the study of the history and development of theatre and performance. This is approached through the study of performance skills focussing on the medium of theatre, television, radio and physical theatre. The programme also offers opportunities for the study of drama and theatre as living art forms, encouraging students to understand the ways that texts are understood in the creative processes of direction, production and performance. There is a community dimension to the programme in which students will develop contacts with schools, police, social services, medics and local businesses.

Students are regarded as emerging practitioners, which further supports them in the development of their entrepreneurial and independent practice as research skills. Students will have the opportunity to specialise in an area of study which is of interest to them, firstly at level five through optional modules, and through leading their own project to create theatrical work, and finally at level six through the ‘Practice as Research’ module as they develop their own work through practical application of research.