Film & Photography

Explore the elements of the still and the moving image, combining a critical understanding with the opportunity to develop key practical skills.

The Film and Photography programme offers you the opportunity to develop key practical skills which are fundamental to your personal development as an artist. It offers the opportunity to combine these practical skills with a critical engagement informed by the introduction of key theoretical debates.

Through the exploration of the practical and the theoretical aspects of film, photography and digital imaging you will develop a professional portfolio of work that will allow you to demonstrate a greater depth to your artistic output.

You will be supported by experienced tutors with well-established reputations as professionals in the fields of design, filmmaking, photography, and as researchers who investigate key theoretical, aesthetic and historical debates in film and photography.

You will explore your practice through projects that emphasize all elements of the production process. The feedback you will receive from staff is designed to encourage you to explore your own creative ideas and to develop a unique approach to the subject based on an understanding of the history and theory of film and photography.

The course is tailored to introduce you not only to all aspects of the film and the photographic process, but also the professional and business aspects of the industry.